Invisalign in La Porte, TX

Invisalign in La Porte, TX

If you are looking for Invisalign in Houston then give us a call today. Braces are no longer your only option if you are trying to straighten your teeth, due to the advances in dental technology such as Invisalign. These removable and interchangeable straighteners allow patients to fix problems such as crowding and over-bites, to open bites and gap teeth, just to name a few.

How Does Invisalign Work?

Once a mold has been created and your aligners custom-made, you will wear the new aligners for typically 30-60 days depending on your dentist recommendations. The aligner can be removed before eating and for brushing/flossing your teeth. If you habitually grind your teeth while you sleep, it’s advised for you to wear a guard on top of your aligners. After your specified time frame, you may be fitted again for a new mold or one will be created using the information on expectations from your last visit and progress you have made.

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invisalign houstonInvisalign can fix common issues including crowding, over-bites, open-bites, and gap teeth as mentioned before, as well as under-bites, cross-bites, narrow dental arches and spacing issues. Treatments are offered to almost any age from baby teeth to adult teeth. When considering tooth alignment treatments for baby teeth, the same issues may be addressed as well as correcting straightening issues before adult teeth come in, potentially making the transition process a little easier. Getting a head start on dental issues can allow for later treatments to be shorter and easier for the patient. At home, aligners can cost as much as 60% less than treatment through your dental practice. However, a professional visit is highly recommended when deciding to treat baby teeth as to closely monitor the progress and any potential irritation associated with aligning their teeth. Our dentists in La Porte and Houston can assist. We also other services such as deep cleaning, tooth extractions, veneers, and teeth whitening

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