Can You Eat Normal Foods If You Have Dentures?

You love your favorite comfort foods like pizza, steak, and chewy candy, but have been told getting dentures means you have to give them up. Is it really true you’ll be stuck eating soft mushy meals once you have dentures? The good news is no – with a little adaptation, you can still enjoy all your old favorites. Getting used to dentures takes time, but the rewards are worth it. This article will walk you through tips and tricks from dentist in Houston to help youcontinue eating the foods you love after getting dentures. With the right techniques, you don’t have to say goodbye to juicy burgers, crunchy apples, sticky peanut butter, and more.



The Foods You Can Enjoy With Dentures
With a brand new set of pearly whites, you might be wondering if your days of enjoying
certain foods are over. The good news is, with some minor adjustments, you can still savor
many of your favorites.


Softer Foods
For the first few days after getting dentures, stick to softer foods that are easy to chew while
your gums heal. Things like mashed potatoes, yogurt, soup, bananas, and fish.


Slowly Adding Crunch
As your gums adjust, start adding in crunchy foods with care. Have a small piece of lightly
toasted bread, some soft crackers, or a couple chips. Pay attention to how your gums feel
and avoid anything too hard at first.


Chewy and Crispy Favorites
Once you’ve adjusted to your dentures, many chewy and crispy foods are back on the menu.
Pizza, sandwiches, pretzels, and even steak are options again. However, very sticky foods like
taffy or gummy bears may still give you trouble, so avoid them.
The keys are starting slow, being attentive to your comfort level, and making sure to properly
clean your dentures after eating. With time and practice, you’ll be enjoying many of the
foods you love again. While dentures take adjustment, the rewards of a bright smile and the
ability to share meals with friends and family make the effort worthwhile.
Tips for Eating Favorite Foods With Dentures
Chowing down on your favorite foods is still possible with dentures, it may just take some
practice. Here are some tips to help you enjoy all the flavors you love.
Don’t Rush Into Solid Foods
Give yourself time to adjust to your dentures before diving into crunchy snacks or chewy
meats. Start with soft foods like mashed potatoes, yogurt, or smoothies and gradually
progress to more solid options. Your gums and mouth need to heal, so be patient through
the process.


Cut Food Into Smaller Pieces
Whether you have full or partial dentures, smaller bites are easier to chew. Chop foods like
apples, carrots and meats into smaller pieces. This makes them less likely to get stuck under
or between your dentures.


Avoid Sticky and Hard Foods
Some foods just don’t mix well with dentures. Pass on sticky candy, toffee, gum and very
hard foods like nuts or pretzels which can loosen or damage your dentures.
Use Adhesives For Loose Dentures
If your dentures feel loose or unstable, use an adhesive to help secure them in place.
Denture creams and pastes can provide a stronger hold so you can eat with confidence.
Always follow the directions of your dentist to apply and remove adhesives properly.


Take Your Time While Eating
Rushing through meals can make it more difficult to chew with dentures. Take your time,
chew thoroughly and pause if needed to check that your dentures feel secure and
comfortable. There’s no need to feel self-conscious – your comfort and safety should be top
With practice and patience, you’ll be enjoying your favorite foods again in no time. Stay
positive, start slowly and follow these tips for comfortable and enjoyable eating with your
dentures. Consult your dentist in Houston for any queries.