Eagle Dental TX - What should you do when you have a chipped tooth

What should you do when you have a chipped tooth?

You have a chipped tooth! Perhaps you fell. Perhaps you were smacked in the face or mouth. Perhaps you clamped down on something hard. From the beginning, you thought all was great. However, running your tongue along with your teeth, you feel a barbed edge that wasn’t there previously.

Tooth enamel is an extremely impressive material. It must be for all the biting that we do. By and by, teeth can break and chip, and sometimes you may not understand it since there’s no aggravation. Nonetheless, if you have a significant break, all things considered, the nerve inside the tooth has been uncovered and, surprisingly, harmed, and that is the point at which the aggravation begins. On the off chance that hot or cold beverages or even air hit those sore spots, it may be very agonizing. Breaks happen from mishaps, cavities, or old fillings that break.

You probably won’t be in agony, and you could think your tooth looks and feels fine and dandy. However, call your dental specialist in any case. Then again, assuming your tooth harm is constant, it’s a significant sign that the nerve may be damaged, so you certainly need to call.

So what could you do at any point for your chipped tooth until you get to the dental specialist office?

  • In the first place, flush your mouth with warm water. In any case, it may be a complex piece; however, do it.
  • If you’re dying, apply strain with dressing to stop the dying. Tea sacks will likewise work.
  • Feel free to put a virus pack on your cheek or lip close to the messed-up tooth. This will assist with holding the enlarging down. Take an over-the-counter pain killer, as well.
  • On the off chance that it will take some time to get to the dental specialist, buy dental concrete from a nearby drug store and cover the broken piece of your tooth as a temporary fix.

How will my dental specialist respond?

The dental specialist will test to determine why and how the tooth broke in any case. Various breaks are fixed unexpectedly. It can go from streamlining a minor crack to putting on a crown. Severe breaks that uncover the nerve require more elaborate systems. On the off chance that the nerve is at risk, you will undoubtedly need a root trench. Certain teeth, like molars, have more than one root, so that various roots could require fixing. Sometimes, the root can’t be saved, and your dental specialist will pull the tooth. The person might suggest a fake substitution tooth. Assuming your break is because of tooth rot, the harm is often extensive. The breakdown might go down into the bone, and teeth are also generally eliminated in this occurrence.


Keeping a regular check on your teeth is also a must practice if you want healthy oral health. So, you should visit your dentist at least twice a year. Having a worthy trust dentist is also necessary these days on whom you can depend regarding your dental health. Eagle Dental, TX, are the most trustworthy when it comes to the dentist and their years of experienceVisit the clinic or call today to book your appointment.