How to calm your nerves at the dentist

Nerves at the Dentist

All of us know how important it is to visit a dentist on a regular basis to keep our dental and overall health good. But for most of us, getting that appointment becomes tough. This is not because we are too busy to visit the dentist, but rather it is that fear of visiting the dentist that holds us back.

Whether it is the sterile smell, those drilling and buzzing sounds that keep running in the back of our head as soon as we think of visiting the dentist, or the thought of another person getting too close and personal in your mouth, there are a lot of facts that make the dentist incredibly stress-inducing and unpleasant. Studies have shown that one out of three people reported experiencing anxiety on the thought of booking a dental appointment. If you experience any of these, then either you have dental anxiety issues or perhaps even a dental phobia. 

Dental Anxiety & Dental Phobia

If you feel uneasiness or worry about your upcoming dental appointment, then you are going through dental anxiety. But if you are terrified or panic-stricken at the thought of a dental procedure or cleaning, then that could be a sign of dental phobia. People who have dental phobia can do anything possible to avoid going to a dentist till the time they are not in a lot of pain. The other signs of this phobia are:

  • You are unable to sleep the night before your dental appointment.
  • You feel very nervous when you are in the dentist’s waiting room.
  • Entering the dentist’s office becomes very difficult for you.
  • You are physically ill or crying at the very thought of visiting the dentist.

Ways to Calm Your Nerves

There are a lot of ways by which you can calm your nerves during your visit to the dentist.


The best way to calm your nerves at the dentist is by talking to your dentist. Tell him or her about your worries and fears. This direct communication with your dentist will help you in a lot of ways. By doing so, your dentist will work better with you by making sure that you are less anxious and more comfortable while the complete procedure is being done.

Know the Procedure

A lot of times, it is simply the thoughts that make people anxious. This is why knowing the complete procedure beforehand will help you in preparing yourself for what’s about to come. Before each step, you can ask your dentist about what he or she is going to do next.

Be Expressive

During the procedure, if you are not feeling comfortable wherein you want to catch your breath, or rinse your mouth, you can simply signal your dentist to stop by raising your hand.

Listen to Music

If you are scared of the sounds, you can simply put in earbuds and listen to your favorite music and you can tell this to your dentist beforehand so that they can tap on your shoulder if they want to ask or tell you something.

Eagle Dental

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