Can a chipped tooth get infected?

Fracturing away a section of a tooth from its body is a chipped tooth. A chipped tooth can occur in a lot of ways ranging from a severe crack along the surface of the tooth to a lesser chip occurring on the edge of the tooth’s body. In anyways, chipping of the tooth is dangerous to the tooth’s structure as they weaken it and ultimately expose the nerve beneath the tooth.

If you are thinking of treating this at home by yourself, unfortunately, there is no way to do that. Our teeth are an important part of our body like any other bone in our body. Like if we fracture our bone, we go to the doctor to get it fixed. Similarly, one needs professional help from medical experts to get the chipped tooth fixed.

This happens in a lot of ways and each kind needs its unique kind of attention. If you are someone who is suffering from a chipped tooth, you need to see a dentist right away and get proper treatment done as there are a lot of dangers related to it. Here we are listing down 4 dangers if you don’t get your chipped tooth treated.

Cutting your Tongue

Although this is something that is not very severe but because chipping makes your tooth very sharp and jagged, you can accidentally cut your tongue and give yourself unnecessary pain. Why do that when you can get proper treatment for that?

Pressure Sensitivity

As we already discussed, a chipped tooth leads to exposing the nerve beneath your tooth. Also, the cracks in your tooth weaken your tooth and give you a compromised and agitated tooth. Because of all this, your tooth is unable to take the pressure. Just a bit of pressure to chipped or cracked tooth causes immense pain.

Temperature Sensitivity

The roots of our teeth are extremely sensitive to temperature. Chipped tooth leads to exposing the root of that tooth because of which drinking cold water or hot coffee causes a lot of pain.


Because the inner structure of the tooth gets exposed when it is chipped, it becomes more vulnerable to infections and cavities. This can further damage your tooth’s nerve or can lead to the formation of abscesses which is extremely dangerous to your health.

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