What can you eat after getting a tooth pulled

Going for tooth extraction for improving dental health is one brave step that can certainly help you in long run. A little discomfort or tenderness is experienced after this procedure which does not last for long. Eating or chewing can be a little challenging after surgical removal of a tooth, however, if one knows how to do it right it can speed up the recovery phase. Some foods can ease this process and some can agitate the area. Eagle Dental TX has helped a lot of clients getting rid of oral issues and helped them go through this process a lot smoother. To help you we are listing some foods here that you can have after tooth extraction.

Food to eat after Tooth Extraction

If you just had a tooth extraction, it is highly advisable to consume soft foods & liquids only for at least another 24 hours. You can slowly ease yourself into a normal diet whenever you feel comfortable. After that, you should try sticking to easy-to-chew foods for another few days. Here are some foods that one can take after a tooth extraction.

Cool Soup

There’s nothing better than having cool soups after this oral surgery. They are not only easy to eat but contain all the proteins and nutrients that one needs from a meal.


Smoothies are a great way of enjoying fruits after tooth extraction. You can blend your favorite fruit with kefir or yogurt to add probiotics, calcium, and protein to the drink.

Scrambled Eggs

Fluffy scrambled eggs are rich in protein and very easy to chew. But one should not directly eat it hot. Let it cool down and then consume.

Pureed or Mashed Foods

You can make puree or mash your favorite vegetables and fruits like potatoes, green beans, squash, carrots, avocados, and bananas and consume it.

Food not to eat after Tooth Extraction

You should certainly not go for foods that are acidic in nature. Having spicy and crunchy food is also a big no-no! These foods can irritate sensitive gums and mouth and can lead to further damages.

It is very important to take special care of your tender mouth and gums after this procedure for at least a few days. Consuming any of the above soft foods will help you in reducing the discomfort. These foods not only add nutritional value but also are delicious. Rest you can go creative and experiment with above mentioned soft food suggestions. Contact our dentist in La Porte today!