How Often You Should Really Visit the Dentist

Thinking of going to the dentist and getting poked and prodded with sharp tools is enough to send a cold shiver down our spines, yet dental problems often progress quickly, meaning that treating them becomes more complicated the longer you wait. Many of us know that going to the dentist is important and should be done frequently, but how frequently?

The basic rule for visiting our dentist is twice a year, but this rule may not be enough for everyone. Because no two people are the same, people with certain lifestyles may be more susceptible for bacterial infections and other teeth issues, meaning they should come in more than twice a year.  

If you brush your teeth two-three times a day, have control over your sugar consumption, and maintain proper oral hygiene, then visiting the dentist every six months will likely be just fine for you. However, if you belong to any of the categories stated below, then make sure you follow the appropriate guidelines:

Smoking: Smoking is detrimental to your health in many ways, and it can be especially harmful for your teeth. Smoking can lead to permanent discoloration of your teeth or worse, oral cancer or gum disease. As a smoker it is important to regularly visit the dentist to get your teeth deep cleaned as well as to look for early signs of disease caused by the harmful mix of chemicals found in cigarettes.

Pregnant Women: Pregnant women go through several changes in their bodies. Significant hormonal changes necessary to grow human life cause urges for binge-eating or snacking multiple times throughout the day. Due to this increased consumption of snacks, it is important that women take care of their teeth, especially if they are consuming more sugar.

Additionally, pregnant women also undergo morning sickness which causes them to frequently throw up. Throwing up exposes your teeth to stomach acid and partially digested food, both of which can damage your teeth. All of these factors mean that pregnant women should visit the dentist to make sure their teeth are properly monitored.

People with Gum Issues: Gum problems can be especially frustrating. Swollen, painful, and bleeding gums need urgent treatment, or patients risk the infection spreading across your entire mouth. Thus, people with weak gums must increase their dentist visits to more than twice a year.

Lower Immunity: A weak immune system exposes your oral health to bacterial infections. Due to having low immunity, bacteria that attack your teeth may cause great harm if not treated early on. If you have a weakened immune system, then you might want to double your visits to your dentist or plan them according to the instructions of your dental professional.

To sum it up, visiting your dentist frequently might help to treat earlier signs of dental problems before they become more severe. If your problem reaches an advanced stage, then not only does it make the treatment more critical, but treatments can also be very costly. Contact Eagle Dental TX today to schedule an appointment!