How often should you visit the dentist?

A healthy smile is a prelude to a healthy lifestyle. Having pearly whites not only looks better than stained, yellow teeth but also speaks volumes of your oral health. But how often should you visit your dentist? Is skipping a visit really a big deal?

Children need to see their dentist quite frequently, a recommended once every six months. Once a child gets their first tooth, it is important to have them checked out by a dental professional. The dentist will teach your child the importance of dental hygiene and they are able to predict most problems your child may encounter such as having “soft teeth” or a crowded mouth, which can lead to many more problems if not properly attended to. Regular visits to your childs dentist also helps to diminish the fear most people have of going to the dentist from a young age.

Adults are a little luckier, as some do not need even a yearly visit to their dentist. If you are of optimum oral health, your dentist may recommend your next visit in a year or two. However, if your teeth are compromised or you suffer from cavities or tartar build-up, it’s advised to frequent your dentist more often.  Also, your insurance can play a factor in how often you need to visit as some require you to visit every six months or at least once a year to receive dental coverage.

When is it necessary to go to the dentist outside of a scheduled check-up? You may want to seek professional help with gum or tooth pain, sensitivity, dry mouth, or experience a painful clicking noise in your jaw. All of these symptoms can be a precursor to a more serious oral health issue. If you have lost a filling or are experiencing pain from a sore that will not heal, its time to go back to the dentist. A lot of individuals go to the dentist when earning their wisdom teeth as well since this can be a very painful experience for some. Often times, a dentist may recommend an extraction before your wisdom teeth break the surface of your gum to avoid any pain or crowding associated with their growth.

Bottom line, your oral health is important and not something to neglect. Poor oral hygiene can lead to many lifestyle issues seemingly overnight. Be sure to visit your dentist as recommended and keep those teeth at their healthiest.

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