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Choose Eagle Dental when you are looking for a dentist in Houston. We are an experienced and caring dental staff that will always do their best to ensure that you have a wonderful experience at our dental office. Whether you are a first time patient or use us as your family dentistry we always put our patients first. We offer a wide variety of services from root canals and deep cleanings to extractions and teeth whitening.

We know that sometimes it can be frightening to go to the dentist. Our friendly and caring staff makes your dental experience an enjoyable one.

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We welcome same day walk-ins. Email us or give us a call today if you need to see a dentist. Whether you have a tooth ache or need to have a regular checkup, we can help you.

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Are dental X-beams protected and required?

Clinical and dental specialists utilise X-beams and set specific boundaries for their security. Your dental specialist ought to take as not many as could be expected. At times dental specialists might prescribe X-beams to analyze a particular issue. Headways in innovation imply the present computerized X-beams discharge considerably less radiation and are more secure than before.

For what reason do I want dental tests?

Standard tests assist with spotting inconvenience right on time to forestall more effective and expensive medicines later.

A dental hygienist will begin by cleaning development from your teeth. Then the dental specialist will test spots on the surfaces and close the gum line with unique devices. If it’s been sometime between arrangements, you might have a few sore and touchy regions.

What are early indications of dental trouble?

Visit a dental specialist if you have any of these issues or see your Kid experiencing difficulty biting or griping of irritation:

  • Mouth bruises
  • Jaw torment
  • Redness
  • Enlarged face or gums
  • Tooth awareness
  • Broken teeth
  • Dry mouth
  • Draining gums
  • Terrible breath or a negative impression of you
  • Moving looked at immediately forestalls more complex issues and diseases.


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